World Galgo Day


In honor of World Galgo Day… is my Sophie. Sophie is not a galgo, but an ex-racing greyhound (galgos are Spanish greyhounds). The racing dogs don’t experience the horrors the galgos do, and I admire organizations like Galgos Del Sol for the brave, amazing work that they do on behalf of the galgos. On their website, they explain the plight of the galgos and what interested people can do to help their cause. They’ve brought abused dogs back from the brink of death with sheer will and compassion, along with the donations they get to provide much needed veterinary help. Their unflagging dedication to end the cruelty is incredible, and they’ve placed rescued galgos into forever homes in many countries other than Spain, including the U.S..

Eight years ago, my greyhounds, Sophie and Charlotte, made the transition from the track to the sofa, where they happily remain. They’re affectionate, intelligent beings, and we’re blessed to have them in our lives.

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