Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Tongue Beans

Dragon Tongue Beans

Three Bitter Melons 30x30_smaller

Bitter Melons

I buy fruits and vegetables just so I can photograph them. Is there a twelve-step program for this? While many times we’ll eventually eat the subject, we did not eat the melons, or the beans (which do taste like regular string beans), or the dragon fruit (although I like dragon fruit).

It’s difficult to go through a farmer’s market without my camera, and with it, Joe is forced to carry all our purchases. A question I hear more and more when I load up a bag with some unusual (for us) items: “Are we actually going to eat this?” I don’t see this ending anytime soon. I fall in love with organic shapes and textures and the way they hold the light.

My name is Kristina and I am powerless over produce.

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