When Vegetables Dance

Three Dancing Tomatoes

Three Dancing Tomatoes

O.k., technically, tomatoes are a fruit. Nevertheless, I am reaching for the Zen of dancing produce as a remedy for the frenetic, seemingly never-ending political season. Who knows whether I’ll be weeping and gnashing my teeth come November. For now, let the vegetables dance……

4 thoughts on “When Vegetables Dance

    • I sell prints periodically. I haven’t sold images for use on websites. I sometimes allow a website to display an image, but it depends on the kind of website. Can you tell me more about yours?


      • I represent a company called Abundant Produce, they specialise in breeding plants – including tomatoes – for active ingredients such as lycopene – which is an anti oxidant / anti-aging ingredient for skincare – face cream. They are launching a face cream next week. They are building a new website just to promote their skincare products – which will use primarily black and white imagery. We loved your dancing tomatoes and would love to use the image on the site if possible. We would of course attribute/credit the photo to you. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks


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