When Injustice Becomes Law

When Injustice Becomes Law

It definitely feels like we are at a defining point in our nation, in our political life. The political is absolutely personal, and it reaches into every home and psyche. As an artist and as an academic, I ask myself how my own resistance will continue to manifest. There’s power in images and in words, which we’re finding out in ways we’d never imagined before.

Live A Great Story

Live A Great Story

Live A Great Story

Recently, Joe and I visited the Salton Sea in southern CA. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to see and photograph, having seen others’ photos and having read about the place. While it’s true that the Salton Sea in July with 115 degree temps making the annual fish kill stench even more potent (it took several margaritas to get the smell out of my nose, my mouth, my lungs), may not be the optimal time to visit that place, but I still found many of the abandoned houses and structures in small villages around the lake provided compelling images. The door to one of these houses sported this sign, making me wonder about the story surrounding this particular structure.